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The Road to Redemption: Francisco Ortega's Path to a Second Chance - Get Busy Livin #3

March 31, 2023 - Clark Bartram

The Road to Redemption: Francisco Ortega's Path to a Second Chance - Get Busy Livin #3

In this episode 3 of Get Busy Living, titled "The Road to Redemption: Francisco Ortega's Path to Second Chances", Clark Bartram speaks with Francisco Ortega about his background growing up in a Mexican neighborhood and his experience with the law and prison. 

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Francisco shares how he learned important lessons about being true to oneself while in jail and discusses the importance of integrity and character He also discusses his decision to change his life and get into a different career path, emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and avoiding a lifestyle that could lead to negative consequences. He reflects on the struggles that led him down the wrong path and advises others to turn their lives around before it's too late. 

Join us as we follow Francisco's path to redemption and his mission to create positive change in the world.

0:00 - Introduction and brief overview of Francisco's story.
1:56 - Francisco discusses his childhood and early experiences with music.
3:54 - Francisco talks about his family and how they've impacted his life.
6:23 - Francisco describes his first experiences with drugs and alcohol.
8:16 - Francisco talks about the progression of his addiction and the impact on his life.
10:28 - Francisco discusses his time in prison and the turning point that led to his sobriety.
12:20 - Francisco talks about his involvement with music and how it's helped him in his recovery.
14:05 - Francisco reflects on his journey and the importance of staying sober.
15:06 - Francisco talks about the struggles of adjusting to life after prison and finding employment.
17:10 - Francisco discusses the role of music in his life and his goals for the future.
18:45 - Francisco talks about his involvement with the Get Busy Livin' Foundation and how it's helped him.
21:20 - Francisco describes his experiences with mentoring and helping others in recovery.
23:26 - Francisco reflects on the importance of gratitude and self-care in recovery.
25:26 - Francisco talks about his current projects in music and his aspirations for the future.
28:00 - Francisco shares his thoughts on the impact of his story and how he hopes to inspire others.
29:15 - Francisco discusses his involvement with the Get Busy Livin' Foundation's music program and its impact on participants.
31:20 - Francisco reflects on the power of music and its ability to bring people together.
32:55 - Francisco performs an original song with his band.
36:10 - Francisco discusses his involvement with the Recovery Advocacy Project and the importance of advocacy in the recovery community.

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